TV Installation



Wall mounting a TV can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned DIY-er. Many unknown obstacles lurk inside your walls – water and gas pipes, cable and phone wires and high-voltage electrical wiring are very common. Damaging any of these (even a little) can be a very expensive mistake that can easily be avoided by hiring a professional. We have mounted thousands of TV’s in the Austin area over the last 25 years.

Are you SURE that the screw is in all the way? Is it secure in the center of the stud? Will the TV come crashing down on little Fido in the middle of the night???
We have installed hundreds of TV’s in every kind of construction setting imaginable. We will mount a TV on most Sheetrock, Brick or rock/limestone walls. Having a professional handle it for you is a small price to pay for a big peace of mind.
In order for us to give an estimate for TV installation, we need to know the answers to the following questions;
  1. What size/weight is the TV? The Make/Model will help us determine this.
  2. Do you have a mount? Do you want a flat/tilt or an articulating arm that allows the TV to pull away from the wall and pivot left or right?
  3. What is the wall surface – Sheetrock, Stone, Brick, etc.?
  4. Is there a POWER OUTLET on the wall up where the TV will be located? If not, it there one on the wall below it? We will NOT run your power cord inside the wall.
  5. What sources will be connected to the TV? Cable Box, AV Receiver, DVD, Game, etc.?
  6. Where will these sources be housed in relation to the TV location? Just below, off to the side or in another room?
  7. Is there a conduit in the wall to run wires from the TV to the cable box?

TV Mounting Pricing:

Stand-Alone TV installation / Mounting services are ONLY available with the purchase of a TV.  Service areas include Pflugerville, Round Rock, Hutto, Cedar Park and Georgetown Texas

We will NOT use a customer-supplied TV mount. 

BASIC TV Installation with mount : $299.00

  • TV Mounting (up to 65″) to an interior frame wall (drywall)
  • Unboxing TV and attach mount to TV
  • Set up and configure TV/Remote
  • Connect TV to home WiFi
  • Neatly Dress Wires and Cables (not in-wall)
  • Connect TV to single customer-provided video device
  • Large High-Quality Tilt Bracket INCLUDED

Additional TV Mounting Services:

  • In Wall Power relocation kit (+$150 Installed)
  • Hide AV cables in wall (no power cords) – Down to cabinet below (+$25) – Interior Walls Only
  • High-Quality large telescoping mount (+$150)  – 65″ MAX
  • Installation in over 5 feet (under 8) off ground or in Stucco, brick, concrete, limestone, cinder block and hollow block (+$75)     *** We WILL NOT drill into Tile, granite, marble or other solid surface materials.
  • 15′ 4K HDMI cables – (+$50)
  • Dismount existing TV – (+$25)
  • Over Fireplace – Requires Consultation
  • TV over 65″ – Requires Consultation
  • Configure/Connect additional WIFI enabled A/V device – ($10 each)

TV Installation bracket and in-wall power kit* All Prices do not include sales tax. Pricing subject to change. Pricing agreement will be made prior to work being initiated