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What areas do you cover?   

  • We serve customers from Austin, Stiener Ranch, Round Rock, Lakeway, Spanish Oaks, Lake Travis, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Circle-C, Bee Caves, Westlake and everywhere in-between.

Do you sell the electronics you install?    

  • Absolutely. We are an authorized Reseller for many of the brands you see in the traditional electronics stores, however we generally offer the higher-end models for each brand. Some of our most popular brands are listed below. All products have complete factory warranties. If we don’t have it in stock, we can usually get in within 3-5 business days.

Click HERE for a detailed list of the brands we offer

Isn’t this stuff expensive?

  • The answer is simple – It doesn’t have to be, but cost is directly related to the quality of experience you desire. Today, you can get a full HD Projection system with surround sound for under $5,000 – installed!

Think about it this way… Many people pay TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars for a swimming pool that they can only use for 4-5 months a year. A Quality Home Theater or Home Entertainment system can be used for your family’s enjoyment 24 hours a day – 365 days a year, rain or shine! What other investment in your home can provide such consistent return?

Should I hang my TV over my fireplace?

  • We do not generally recommend it if the center of the TV is more than 15 degrees higher than your seated area. Some customers have complained of discomfort after extended viewing. Heat generated from a fireplace can significantly accelerate failure of the TV and may void the warranty. It looks cool, but we have not found it very practical in many situations. Let us talk to you about your particular situation.

Does speaker quality matter?

  • Yes. Investing in a good set of speakers will do more to improve your A/V system’s sound quality than any other component – Don’t skimp!

Because the speakers that come with “out-of-the-box,” pre-packaged home theater systems are usually of poor quality, you’re better off buying speakers separately. They’re sold individually, or in sets of two, three or five or more..

Do Cables Really Make a Difference?

  • High-performance analog cables make a difference in what you see and hear. Less-Expensive Digital cables under 10 foot are generally OK, beyond that, construction quality and cable gauge are more of a factor.

Cheap HDMI Cables can have problems with signal integrity over longer distances (15+ feet). Larger gauge, higher quality cables are recommend for longer lengths.

Don’t be “Over-Sold”!

Too many people are sold products and features that they will never use. I sell you what you need and ensure simple, reliable operation.