Pricing for general installation isĀ  $95 per hour* (one hour minimum.). We do provide labor discounts based on the total equipment purchase. Ask how you can get your project installed for FREE!!

  • Projector and Screen installation
  • In-Wall, Ceiling or Outdoor Speaker Installation
  • Speaker Wiring (Surround Sound and multi-room)
  • Smart Home Integration
  • Blue Ray, Media Player, CD, Receiver, Speakers, VCR, TV, Cable box connections
  • Indoor/Outdoor Flat Panel TV installation
  • Sound System Calibration (Size, Level, Phase, Distance,)
  • Remote Control Consolidation

We have nothing to hide about our pricing. We won’t bury the costs into a project document or mislead you about the time required to do a job. We believe that using a flat-hourly rate pricing model ensures that the customer gets exactly what they are paying for and we are incentivized to do the best job we can.

Think about it this way.. If an installer quotes you a “job price” he assumes that it can be done in “X” hours; but what happens if they run over? They can either come back to you and ask for more money (not good) or they will take every shortcut they can beyond “X” time because they are not making any more money (worse). We have done this so long that we can quote you an accurate time estimate and we are finished at or under the time we quoted 99% of the time. If something does come up that will impact our original estimate, we will bring it to your attention and let you make the decision on how to proceed.

New Construction A/V Pre-wiring

Pre-Wiring is done prior to the installation of Sheetrock on a new home while the inside of the walls are open. In a 2-story home, this may be the only chance to run wires to rooms on the first level. Once built, access may be impossible.

Contact me for a complete quote

Even if you did not pre-wire your house, many existing homes can be wired after completion. Contact us for an appointment to discuss your options.

NOTE – You must get written approval from the builder for me to do pre-wiring during construction. There is a $500.00 Minimum requirement for new-construction pre-wiring.

* Pricing is based on residential homes located in the Austin Metro area ONLY. Further destinations may be subject to additional travel charges. Pricing is subject to change during high-demand periods. Commercial work will be quoted based on the work required.

I carry Full liability insurance