Home Theater Packages

Below are examples our most popular Home Theater Packages including a Projector, Screen, Speakers, Amplifier, Cables, installation and taxes.

home theater packageClick the links below to open a PDF document with package detail $4,995.00 – Silver Includes a 1080p Projector, Screen Innovations Screen, Multi-Channel AV Receiver, 5.1 Speaker system and all installation hardware and cables

$7,950.00 – Gold Upgrades to an EPSON 4K e-shift Projector and a BOSE Integrated Sound System, adds universal remote and high-quality surge protection

$14,995.00 – Platinum Upgrades to SONY Cinema 4K projector and Premium BOSE integrated sound system

**These are just a few examples to help you understand what you get for your money. We can custom tailor a package to suit your needs and budget.

All package components and pricing subject to change without notice. Package Pricing is based on pre-wired rooms only. If needed, wiring can be quoted as a separate fee.