Home Audio Systems

Home Audio Systems

FunHouse can help you liberate your music, transcending walls and wires to create a home audio system that will suit your every mood and enhance your lifestyle.

Products available today are EASY to use and can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet anywhere in the house.

Distributed Audio or Multi-Room Audio systems are EASY and cost-effective to deploy with products from SONOS, BOSE and DENON HEOS These systems create a seamless and easy-to-use experience with intuitive, APP based controls for the whole family.

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Watch the following short videos to discover how to enjoys music throughout your home

Music on the patio – Check. Music in the kitchen – Check. Music in the bedroom, bathroom and study – Check, Check, Check!

As a music lover, being able to listen to music throughout my home is the most used feature of my AV system. Its helps create a relaxing mood from room to room during family gatherings, entertaining or just when I want to jam to some Classic Rock while sitting on the porch.

The latest home audio technology lets listeners enjoy their entire collection of music (if you have one) anywhere in the home without all the hassles associated with old-fashioned audio systems. Don’t have your own music in digital form? Components now can connect to the internet and stream almost limitless music choices for very little cost or even FREE. Gone forever are the days of searching everywhere for a particular CD just to hear a favorite song or turning up the volume to an uncomfortable level in order to be able to hear the music from another room.

Since it is our most frequent request, we are experts at Whole-House Audio systems. Many new homes are already pre-wired for speakers throughout the house making installation very easy and affordable. We can also wire most houses if needed. A Free Consultation will help answer all of your questions.

Distributed Audio